CAA OKs 18 agenda items


Corryn Brock

Nicholas Shaw (right), a professor of theater arts, and Marita Gronnvoll (left), chair of the Council of Academic Affairs, discuss revisions for a new theater course proposal Thursday afternoon at Booth Library. Nine theater related agenda items were approved during the meeting.

Corryn Brock , Associate News Editor

In a meeting that began with nine agenda items, the Council on Academic Affairs approved 18 agenda items unanimously during their meeting Thursday.

The council made a motion to add nine additional items to their agenda to ensure the items would be available for the Fall 2019 undergraduate catalog.

The items added during the meeting included program revisions for World Languages and Cultures, new courses THA 3759: History of Musical Theatre, THA 3336: Musical Theatre Dance, THA 2801: Musical Theatre on Film, course revisions for THA 2006: Stage Management Lab, THA 2004: Sound Lab I, THA 2003: Lighting Lab I, THA 2002, Scenic Lab I and major revisions for Human Services and Community Leadership.

Items that were originally on the agenda were course revisions for BUS 2102: Managerial Accounting, CIT 2853: Cybersecurity Intrusion Detection and Prevention and CIT 2773: Database Administration.

New courses included CIT 4843: Human Computer Interaction, CIT 4663: System Administrator and Architecture, CIT 1001: Introduction to Computer and Information Technology and THA 3335: Musical Theatre Performance. Major revisions were made to Computer and Information Technology; Theater course of study revisions were also made.

Nicholas Shaw, professor of theatre arts, presented nine theatre courses to the council, including eight news courses and a course of study revision.

Shaw said THA 3336: Musical Theatre Dance is a companion course for THA 3335: Musical Theater Performance.

“This will focus more on musical theater dance style,” Shaw said.

Shaw said THA 3335 was added at request of the provost before the department hired a new instructor to create a base before the new musical theater emphasis was created.

Six items were approved within the Computer and Information Technology department, with Toqeer Isar presenting the items for the council.

Isar said CIT 2773 was focusing on how to install, administer and maintain data.

“This is a crucial piece that was missing in our program,” Isar said.

Isar said the CIT 4843 course is a completely new one that is not similar to any other offered by Eastern.

“Human-computer Interaction is basically how humans interact with computers, and (it is) what makes their interaction more friendly,” Isar said. “We are talking about different generations of human beings, like kids and adults, and how we can make their experience better; that’s what this whole course will end up talking about.”

Revisions were also made to the Computer and Information Technology major.

World Languages and Cultures program revisions were presented by Christiane K. Eydt-Beebe, department chair and professor of German.

Human Services and Community Leadership major revisions were presented by Jake Emmett, interim associate dean of the College of Health and Human Services.

Richard Wilkinson, vice chair of CAA, presented the course revisions for BUS 2102.

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