Some students will continue working on campus over break


Jordan Boyer | The Daily Eastern News

Student Worker Will Taylor, a junior human resources major, sets up a table for an upcoming event Wednesday afternoon outside of the Grand Ballroom in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Gillian Eubanks, Staff Reporter

Spring break starts at the end of this week, leaving many students without a job for a few days, meaning little to no pay on the next paycheck.

With a student job, workers cannot exceed 20 hours in a week’s period during school. These student workers can still work over spring break.

If a student happens to be on campus or in the area and would like to continue to work at Eastern over break, they can go to their supervisor, said Teresa Jones, the head of Student Employment.

If a student would like to request more hours over break, they could since the university is closed, Jones said.

On campus, there are numerous jobs offered to students, including positions at the dining halls, residence halls and offices in each building, to name a few.

A student can either get a job on campus because they need one, or through a Federal Work Study program, which is worked into the student’s FAFSA, and it helps pay for school and provides some income for the student worker, according to Eastern’s website.

Students can work up to 42 hours in one pay period unless they are international students. International students can only work 20 hours in one week because they are not governed by Eastern like national students are, Jones said.

Students are paid on a bi-weekly schedule like most other jobs, she said.

A student can have more than one student employment position on campus, according to Eastern’s website. However, how many hours they are completing in that pay period will be monitored so that the student does not exceed the hours allowed by Student Employment Regulations.

If a student is interested in applying for a job, on Eastern’s website, they can find job positions with descriptions under “EIU Housing,” under the tab “work with us.”

When a job position becomes available, it will be posted on the website, according to Eastern’s website. There, the student can see what position they would like to apply for and the type of application that can be submitted online.

However, there are requirements and qualifications a student must fall under to have a job on campus, Jones said.

If a student applies for a job in dining, for example, they need to be able to work weekends and have two- to four-hour time slot availability to complete a shift, she said.

If a student is enrolled in the Federal Work Study program or is an international student, they must be a full-time student with a schedule comprised of 12 credit hours per semester to apply for and obtain a job on campus, according to Eastern’s website.

If a student is not in the program and is not international, they only have to have six or more credit hours a semester, according to Student Employment Regulations on Eastern’s website.

Student employees are covered by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act and the Occupational Diseases Act. Students can file claims under the University’s rules for work-related illnesses or injuries, according to Human Resources on Eastern’s website. Student employees do not receive overtime, paid vacation or holidays, or benefits.

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