CFD responds to attic fire Sunday

Staff Report

The Charleston Fire Department extinguished an attic fire at a residence located at 319 Madison Avenue early Sunday morning.

The cause of the fire was faulty electrical wiring, according to the press release.

Prior to the fire department’s arrival, the Charleston Police Department reported smoke coming from the vents, according to a press release.

Crews noticed that the smoke was coming from the second floor when they arrived on scene.

According to a press release, crews entered the home and made it to the second floor where they had to breach through a closet and a knee wall to locate the fire in the attic space and put out the fire.

The residents were home at the time of the fire and were able to escape. They made arrangements to stay at another location, according to a press release. The attic sustained minor fire damage.

No injuries were reported. 

Crews were on scene until 8 a.m.

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