Seek, know the facts of Cohen’s testimony

Staff Editorial

Wednesday could very likely go down as a historic day for this country because of an important and presumably game-changing testimony before Congress.

Michael Cohen, who was President Trump’s personal lawyer for a little more than a decade, testified about the essentials of the behind-the-scenes actions between himself and Trump, people close to Trump and Trump himself, and Trump and his handling of various matters.

Some of the issues Cohen discussed were Trump’s possible collusion with Russia, to the paying off of people and Trump’s behavioral characteristics.

We want everyone to keep in mind the importance of what happened Wednesday and to really consider the consequences and the weight of the things told by Cohen.

Do remember that Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for financial crimes and lying to Congress, according to a December story from the Washington Post.

Not only that, but make sure to look at the information from reliable sources because the last thing would be to get such important testimony from a source who slants it in one way or the other.

Issues Cohen discussed were some that have been following Trump’s presidency since the day he stepped into office and onward.

These are serious matters that will have more-than-important ramifications on whoever is at fault with them.

Quite simply, the testimony is coming from someone who was close to the President for a long time. In the early 2000s, Cohen started accumulating Trump-branded real estate, according to USA Today.

USA Today also reported in April 2018 that Trump hired Cohen to be the executive vice president of The Trump Organization in 2007.

So, to cap it all off, a person who has been close with the president for a long time and knows the inner workings of the Oval Office has gone on record to speak about uber-important matters that involve the United States president.

That is why getting the testimony from a reliable source and making decisions based off of it is important.

This could have serious complications on some very important people, and it is necessary to have the right information at hand when the results from the impact of the testimony are in effect.