African American Heritage Month event embraces history of natural hair, encourages students to wear their hair natura

Shamaine Ware , Contributing Writer

In honor of Black History Month, Zeta Phi Beta sorority presented “Natural Curlz 101: Do you love your natural hair?”

The event focused on the history and evolution of natural hair in African American men and women from the early 1800s to present day.

Students learned more about their natural hair and different hair textures and styles for a natural look from attending the event.

Veronica Martin, a senior corporate communication major and one of the event coordinators, said the event capitalized on the evolution of natural hair for African American men and women.

“It is going back to the 1800s and what slaves would do (to their natural hair) then transforming to fros and what was going on in the ‘70s, what was the trendy hair back then, and to the ‘80s and ‘90s and even to Aaliyah, which was one of the first black women to start wearing weave,” Martin said.

Mikayla Sanford, a sophomore biology major, said the event was meant to inform.

“The point of (the event) is to not only inform young women and men about black hair and how it has evolved overtime, but also to have them learn to love their natural hair and not be ashamed of it,” Sanford said.

Gabrielle Bersamin, a senior graphic design major, said the event taught attendees how to take care of their natural hair.

“The event is about natural curls, and basically we explain how to deal with different hair textures,” said Bersamin. “For example, how someone has really curly hair or really straight hair it is for African Americans or actually anybody to learn how to deal with their hair.”

Bersamin said the event was relatable to students with varying hair types.

“My hair is mixed hair, so I have complications with my hair, and someone who is 100 percent African American, they have complications with their hair as well,” Bersamin said. “We all go through something, so this event is to help everyone.”

Bersamin said she hopes people gained confidence in their hair from the event.

“I hope people learn how to take care of their own hair and the ones who wear weaves and wigs to be able to be confident in their own hair and not feel like they have to wear someone’s else’s hair to be beautiful,” Bersamin said.

Jaida Rosado, a sophomore geography major, said she hopes students gained experience to help them with their hair.

“I hope (women) can learn the experience and learn how to be more comfortable around their own hair texture and hair color so they can feel more comfortable within themselves,” Rosado said.

Sierra Humphrey, a freshman early childhood education major, said she learned more about healthy styles for natural hair.

“You have to find out what is for your hair because everyone has different hair and all the different styles you can try and some good natural products you can use,” Humphrey said.

Princess Worsham, a freshmen pre-nursing major, said she is starting to want to wear her natural hair.

“Embrace your natural hair more and learn who you are from wearing (your natural hair),” Worsham said.

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