7 new RSOs now available to students

Logan Raschke, News Editor

Seven new registered student organizations are available for students to join at Eastern following Student Senate’s approval of them Wednesday night.

Six of the seven organizations had student members present to the senate and they include Esports Club, Biology Ambassadors, German Club, Percussion Club, Human Services and Community Leadership Ambassadors, Environmental Biology Club and Cloud Appreciation Club.

Theodore Laleian said he compares Esports Club to the Gamer’s Guild.

Like the Gamer’s Guild, club members come together to play and appreciate video games, but Esports Club is more competitive, he said.

Laleian said the club is creating a League of Legends team and establishing head coaches for it is in the works.

The Esports Club is also reaching out to other universities for competitive gaming, he said.

“I’m also friends with the head coach of Illinois Wesleyan, Illinois State as well as Illinois College, setting up scrimmage matches,” he said, “and that’s something that students who join the Esports RSO will have access (to).”

Brooke Greiner is the current president of the Biology Ambassadors, and she said the RSO does a lot of outreach activities.

She said members go to high schools to teach students biology lessons and lead a college-level experiment, getting them eager to learn more about science.

Jennifer O’Boyle said at German Club, members learn as much as they can about the language and culture.

Anyone, even students who do not speak German, are welcome to join, she said.

The club hosts an Oktoberfest and cooks traditional German dishes for it, like bratwurst, every year, O’Boyle said.

At meetings, she said members listen to German music and play both English and German versions of Apples to Apples to help them learn the language.

Anyone is welcome, regardless of major or experience, to join Percussion Club, where members learn more about percussion.

Gloria Gonzales said she and the rest of the Environmental Biology Club will take on new projects every fall.

The club is open to anyone, she said, and the club focuses on sustainable environmental sciences.

The first project the club has started is plans to build a garden, Gonzales said.

“We developed paperwork and a plan for a campus garden, so that’s our continuing project currently,” she said, “and we are hoping to have the garden constructed by the time we leave for summer.”

In order to enter the Human Services and Community Leadership Ambassadors, a faculty member has to nominate the student because its members represent the Family and Consumer Sciences Department.

Cloud Appreciation Club was the only student organization of the seven approved that did not have a student representative at the hearing.

“(Cloud Appreciation Club is) a student organization that explores the wonders, shape and beauty of clouds in their different atmospheres and their influences on the environment through cloud-spotting and science,” said Alicia Matusiak, vice president of student affairs, reading the club’s mission statement.

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