Well, the halftime show was just…bad

Dillan Schorfheide, Assistant Sports Editor

Well … Maroon 5 did the halftime show.

Whether or not it was good, you can determine that for yourself.

I would say that it was not good, though.

For two main reasons, the halftime show was very underwhelming for me.

One, Spongebob Squarepants was not featured near enough.

Two, it was just very bland overall.

Maroon 5, a few weeks ago, teased the beloved yellow sponge in a hype video to get fans excited for the performance.

The fans got excited, all right, but for Spongebob, not for Maroon 5.

There were only two options for Maroon 5 to contemplate for their performance: have the “Sweet Victory” song from Spongebob or do not even have him at all.

I would rather have not had Spongebob at all than get the disgraceful five seconds of airtime that he got.

Then, possibly the biggest indictment against Maroon 5 in the case of Spongebob against the pop band, they teased the opening trumpets of the song as if they would do it, but then did not.

I am not happy.

If there are some background reasons as to why they did not or could not actually show the Spongebob thriller, then they need to be transparent about it.

There could have been copyright issues, which I doubt since he was up there for a few seconds. I would think Nickelodeon would want that kind of stage to promote its best show ever and honor the creator of the show.

I honestly think Roger Goodell did not want Spongebob because it would downgrade the prestige of the performance. I do not understand how, but I am sure he thought that.

As for Maroon 5, they were just bland.

At this point, I do not think anyone knows what makes a good Super Bowl halftime performance anymore, and it will probably be gone soon anyway since no one wanted to perform.

Adam Levine did not have his best performance, resorting to trying to have sex appeal since his voice was bad.

They played some of their biggest songs, but that did not make up for the generic performance you could have gotten by just going to their concert at the nearest venue near you.

I think the highlight of the halftime show was Travis Scott’s introduction to the stage, with that ball of flames landing on the stage. The graphics were cool, and his song sounded great, although the graphics of him flying in had the Miami Heat’s logo in it, so the NFL is probably looking at a lawsuit.

So that is where the halftime show left America.

Bored and with a lawsuit between two of its professional sports leagues.

Dillan Schorfheide can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].