EDITORIAL: ‘Subpar’ Bowl disappoints, but there’s always next year, right?

Staff Editorial

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We know you are disappointed with the Super Bowl halftime show, mainly because Spongebob Squarepants made the smallest appearance possible.

We know you were probably bored with the game until the Patriots scored the first touchdown with about seven minutes left in the fourth quarter.

And we know that most of you were upset that the Patriots even made it to the Super Bowl in the first place. But looking back, the Super Bowl and everything that came and went with it, we can at least say one thing for sure: we can all look forward to next year.

If your team did not make it this year, then there is now next season to look forward to.

Memes were everywhere depicting the common acceptance that the majority of the country was rooting for the Los Angeles Rams to win, and now that the season has officially come to a close, there is now a chance to see other teams beat the Patriots in the playoffs.

But really, because of the common disappointment from the Super Bowl, now is a chance to use the same attitude and push it toward your regular, non-Super Bowl life.

The school year is coming to a close at a faster and faster rate, it seems like.

Not long from now, projects and papers and piles of homework will start piling up, so take that anger from the Patriots succeeding again and winning another Super Bowl and turn your hopefulness for next season into work to get through the rest of this semester.

We seriously mean it.

The only thing we would not advise is taking the same “there is always next season” approach to your schoolwork.

Working hard and getting through the rest of this school year brings us all closer to the future we want, whether it be a job or family thing or a different team winning the Super Bowl.

And if you were disappointed with everything about the Super Bowl, turn that into motivation to make sure your own life is everything you want it to be.

Make sure that you do what you want to and have fun.

For all you Rams fans, look back on a great year and look forward to the next one. For any Patriot fans, congratulations on winning another championship.

And, if you still cannot get the sour taste out of your mouth, blast Spongebob all day long.

And at least an Eastern alumnus commentated for the Super Bowl, so congratulations, Tony Romo.

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