Yes, we do need bad, good news

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With recent events in mind, it is understandable to see a lot of negativity on all of our minds.

Just waking up every day usually brings about scary or bad thoughts, and other thoughts that are negative and lack the vision of anything positive happening.

Will I pass this quiz today? Do I have enough money for groceries?

Point is, we have a barrage of negativity and bad already hitting us when we hear about the government being shut down for more days than there are in one month, leaving federal workers to pick up jobs to make do until they can receive their earned pay.

Or when we hear about another shooting and see the grief it causes, we all start wondering when it will stop and get better.

It is extremely important to know about all these events, regardless of how “bad” the news might be. Transparency is important, and the people have a right to know what’s going on.

So we’re not saying that we don’t need “bad news.” We do need to know about everything going on, but if we are feeling weighed down by negativity, then we have to find the good in all the bad and think about the impact that it can have on us.

Once we find one good, look for more and start to celebrate what all of the good can do.

There is a lot of good in the world; it may be hidden for a bit, but it is there and it is great.

More than that, as a whole, we should tell everyone about the good things.

One thing we can look at currently is a new study which may have found a cause for Alzheimer’s disease, and knowing the one cause, a solution to fighting it may be in the future, which is great.

The bacteria porphyromonas gingivalis, known as Pg, lead to the gum infection chronic periodontitis, causing chronic inflammation and potential tooth loss. This bacteria was found in 51 out of 53 brain autopsies of Alzheimer’s disease patients in a recent study, according to CNN.

The researchers tested blocking the bacteria in mice by injecting small molecules targeting the Pg to inhibit it, and found that it could reduce neurodegeneration in the brain.

This is great news that hopefully will lead to a way to lessen the effects of or eradicate the effects of such a deadly disease.

Things like this are everywhere, and they are great to hear.

If you feel the need to, then by all means, start spreading word of these things more and more, even just in passing. Tell your friends about some good news and they could pass it on.

But don’t use good news as a way to mask other not so desirable news events in the world.

Those matter, too, and we need to have knowledge of them.

Find your balance of good news and bad. Keep yourself updated and engaged and be sure to spread the word.

That’s one way of making sure change will happen.

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