WEIU’s Everett Lau: ‘bundle up’ for weekend weather

Corryn Brock, Associate News Editor

The National Weather Service has issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook for portions of central, east central, southeast and west central Illinois.

Wind chills are expected to be in the single digits early Thursday. Light snow is expected Friday and Saturday, and several inches of accumulation is possible.

Everett Lau, WEIU Newswatch’s Sky Watch Local Forecaster, said it is still early to narrow down how many inches of snow can be expected.

“The system responsible is still out over the ocean,” Lau said. “Once it moves on land, we’ll be able to get a lot more observations from the surface and be able to narrow it down.”

Frostbite concerns should be kept in mind. Lau said most people take care of themselves for short periods of time, but people should take more caution when outside for longer periods of time.

“Anytime you’re outside for an exposed amount of time, especially with the wind chills as low as they are, that could lead to frost bite and in some cases hypothermia,” Lau said. “That really sets in after longer than a half hour so for most people going to class that wouldn’t really have much of an impact, but it’s still a good idea to wear hats and gloves.”

Lau said it is best to wear as many layers as possible.

“You have natural heat off of your body, but when the wind is blowing, it blows that heat away,” Lau said. “That’s why you cool down so quickly when the wind chill is lower, because the wind is just taking that natural heat right off your body.”

To prepare for driving over the weekend and in winter weather conditions, Lau said to keep items you can wrap yourself up in in your car..

“Extra clothing, jackets, blankets, anything you can use to bundle up,” Lau said. “Hopefully you also have a full tank of gas as well, so you can stay warmer longer if you are stranded.”

Lau also suggests slowing down on the road in case of ice forming on roadways.

“Remember to use pulsing breaks; don’t floor it,” said Lau.

The cause of the sudden coldness after the warmer weather Central Illinois experienced earlier this week is because of the clashing between the warm air from the Gulf of Mexico and a cold front coming in from Canada.

Lau said weather should remain typical for the season throughout the next week.

For weather updates, Lau says to stay away from weather apps. Instead, use local media sources such as The Daily Eastern News or WEIU.

Analica Haynes contributed to this article.

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