Booth Library can provide stress relief for students

Staff Editorial

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Now that winter break is over, students are scrambling to find their classes and readjust their lifestyles to fit a college schedule.

The first couple weeks of school, while largely consisting of preparation for the whole semester, can be a very stressful time for students.

We at The Daily Eastern News think a good way to manage the stress students feel at the beginning of the semester is to take advantage of Booth Library’s amenities.

For one, Booth Library has a number of both spacious and private study areas for students to use during flexible hours.

These spaces are great for students eager to catch a break from their busy schedules without having to leave campus, and they also serve as top-notch study group destinations.

The quiet, comforting abode of Booth Library makes it a great place for anyone to relax, but that is just one reason to visit it during the first weeks of school.

Students can check out books at Booth Library, of course, but on the fourth floor also lies a huge collection of old and new movies.

Checking out a movie to watch with friends during the first couple of weeks is a fun, easy and inexpensive way to let off some steam.

Booth Library also hosts annual exhibits that are available all semester long, and they are free to attend.

With these annual exhibits comes a plethora of fun and engaging events students can attend, but some of them are not always free.

Booth Library’s spring of 2019 exhibit will be ‘On the Shoulders of Giants,’ and it opens Jan. 14 with the official reception on Jan. 24.

This exhibit is all about celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and highlighting what everyone else was doing during the historic event via a documentary showing collaborated between WEIU and the Charleston community.

Also, Beth Heldebrandt, the Booth Library public relations director, said an astronaut might even pay Eastern’s student body a visit sometime during the exhibit, which would be awesome.

Attending this exhibit is pretty much a must for space exploration history buffs, and really anyone with an interest in the moon landing and the mark it left on the Charleston community.

Not only do students learn a thing or two by attending Booth Library’s exhibits, but they also get a necessary moment to breathe during a hectic first couple of weeks.

If you find yourself struggling during the first couple weeks of school, try visiting Booth Library and taking advantage of its comforting, intriguing and educational features.

You may be surprised by how much you enjoy them.

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