Just enjoy your new year, don’t try too hard to change

Staff Editorial

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With a new year upon us, we can’t help but listen to the overused cliché, “new year, new me,” used over and over again.

It is an overdone phrase that has been thrown out by people all over social media whenever Dec. 31 of the previous year and Jan. 1 of the New Year come.

It has a good meaning behind it, along with the whole concept of New Year’s resolutions.

Making a conscious decision to strive for something new and different to improve yourself is great and very noble.

Especially if you stick with it throughout the whole year, then you could see real change that you had hoped for when the clock struck 12.

And if the whole ‘new me’ thing did not work out, for whatever reason, at least you tried, right?

But everyone seems to make themselves think that just because the resolution did not work out, their year is already ruined from the word ‘go.’

The other common thing to see on social media is that the previous year was so terrible that the new year can only bring about better things.

The previous year may have been bad at times, but there were almost certainly just as many good times. So if you do find yourself going back to the old ways of the year that just ended a few days ago, take it on.

If the previous year was nothing bad for you, then who cares if you are doing the same thing for another year?

Do not just accept and conform to the social construct of having to flaunt and then conform to a new self.

Unless the way you conducted your life was actually, truly bad for you the previous year, then why fix what is not broken?

So enjoy the new year, start it off right and make it a great year, but if you find yourself doing the same things, and as long as it works, then do it.

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