Housing and Dining, Textbook Rental offer pre-break tips

Logan Raschke, Campus Reporter

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The Housing and Dining and Textbook Rental departments provided important information about residence halls and textbook return deadlines every Eastern student should know before semester break.

Mark Hudson, director of housing and dining, said residence halls and Greek court close at 6 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 14, so students living on campus will need to leave by then.

According to Eastern’s website, the dining centers will be consolidated to Thomas Dining on Dec. 14, and Thomas Dining will close at 6 p.m.

Lincoln, Stevenson, Douglas and Thomas residence halls will remain open during the entire break, he said.

Hudson said all rooms in the residence halls that are closing for semester break will get a sheet of paper detailing deadlines to leave, other residence hall policies and contact information posted on the door before break.

Students who are graduating on Dec. 15 can contact housing and dining services about signing up to stay an extra day, and more instruction about that can be found on the informational sheet posted on residence doors, Hudson said.

Students that have rented any textbooks for fall semester must return them to the Textbook Rental Service at the Louis M. Grado building, located at 975 Edgar Drive, according to Eastern’s website.

Mitch Coe, bookstore and textbook rental manager, said textbooks rented for on-campus classes must be returned by Dec. 14 at 3 p.m. for the student to not have to pay any fines. Late fines are $20 per book.

Textbooks rented for online classes must be returned by Dec. 19 to avoid any late fines, Coe said.

There is a five-day grace period for students who have rented on-campus textbooks, he said.

Additionally, Susan Allen, an administrative assistant for textbook rental services, said books used for online classes just need to be postmarked by Dec. 19 to avoid a late fine if the student is mailing them back to textbook rental.

Staff clerk Christina Coffey said if a student returns a textbook with any visible liquid, highlighting or writing or unusual wear and tear damage, they will be responsible for the entire replacement cost of the book.

Allen said mornings are usually pretty slow for textbook rental, so if a student wants to beat the large crowd, they should consider coming in earlier than noon during the week.

Coe said textbook rental closes at 8 p.m. on Dec. 12 and Dec. 13, and those days are usually very busy.

Allen said students can also use the textbook drop-off spot to the right of the entrance of the Louis M. Grado building, but it is often much quicker to just come inside.

“The book drop-off is usually hopping, no matter what time it is,” Allen said.

As long as students have their textbooks to return and their E-numbers, the process should be simple and fast, Coffey said.

Each textbook also has an RFID tag that identifies the book, and if this tag is missing or unreadable, the student will need to pay the replacement cost, she said.

She said some textbooks that have gone out of print are missing this code already, which textbook rental keeps records of, and students will not have to pay the replacement cost if they have rented one of those books.

Additionally, the Panther Shuttle services will end on Dec. 14 at 3 p.m. and resume on Jan. 7, the first day of classes for spring semester, according to Eastern’s website.

While these important deadlines can be intimidating to think about, especially during the week of finals, Hudson said he would recommend students to focus on final exams first and foremost, and then to enjoy their well-deserved breaks.

“I think for the most part the break is aptly named. It’s meant to be a break, so try to get yourself refreshed,” he said.

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