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UMAC creating marketing materials for university

Logan Raschke, Campus Reporter

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The University Marketing and Creative Services department is active all around Eastern’s campus.

UMAC designs and creates a number of promotional items, from the drawstring bags students receive at orientation to posters hanging on bulletin boards and banners illustrating new campus organizations.

Director of marketing Stacia Lynch said UMAC plays a massive role in new student enrollment because something as simple as an intriguing flyer can influence a student to visit and eventually enroll at Eastern.

“(We at UMAC) aren’t selling shoes, although there’s nothing wrong with selling shoes, we’re selling opportunity. We’re presenting opportunity to people who haven’t yet maybe put a name or a face to what it is they think they want to do in life,” she said.

However, creating marketing materials to promote Eastern to prospective students is just part of what UMAC does, Lynch said.

According to Eastern’s website, UMAC works with almost every area on campus to create marketing materials for departments, programs or organizations.

Just a few examples of the materials UMAC designs and produces include postcards, brochures, social media posts, mailers and promotional materials, such as pencils, bags and notebooks, according to Eastern’s website.

Lynch said students are also welcome to come to UMAC directly to ask staff for advice regarding marketing and design strategies or to help guide them through their own marketing endeavors.

After marketing materials have been produced with UMAC’s help, the documents can sometimes be printed and finished at the Panther Print and Copy center, Lynch said.

While graphic design plays a huge part in UMAC’s day-to-day projects, editing written materials is something else they are tasked with doing for Eastern, Lynch said.

To provide some context, Lynch said a good example would be editing the writing of a letter from school to be easier to read for students and families.

“We may take something you might not even think about … maybe it’s like a letter you get from financial aid, and maybe we work with financial aid to make sure the letter they’re producing speaks the type of language that people outside of the campus community can understand,” she said. “Our job, often times, is to translate what we know into what our prospective students and families need to know in a common language.”

Lynch said UMAC acts like a mirror because above all, they reflect the best aspects of Eastern back onto the rest of the world, showing what the university and community has to offer.

“We feel really passionate about accurately reflecting our community, our community members and the types of students that we know will be successful at Eastern,” Lynch said.

Because UMAC creates marketing materials for so many different departments at Eastern, they get to work on interesting and different projects every day, Lynch said, which is one of her favorite parts of the job.

She said another perk of her profession is getting to work on a campus with a good environment.

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UMAC creating marketing materials for university