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Remember what our parents taught us

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When most of us were young, we were taught simple maxims by our parents to keep us safe.

“Stop, drop, and roll,” “Say please” and “Don’t talk to strangers” are just a few of the phrases that were instilled in our childhood memories.

Although likely difficult to keep track of at the time, these phrases quickly became second nature to us. And thus, most people have probably never encountered negative consequences from any of the things we were warned about as kids.

That being said, it can be easy to forget these simple rules after knowing about them all our lives, especially after being on our own here at college for so long without anyone constantly telling us when we lack common sense.

That is why we at The Daily Eastern News want to remind everyone to remember the things our parents taught us when we were young, because these ideals not only keep us safe, but they make us better human beings.

Saying “please” and “thank you,” for instance, goes a long way in making someone feel appreciated. It is easy to stay wrapped up in our own worlds forgetting our manners, but remembering to express simple words of gratitude makes you more respectable.

Another important rule many people seem to forget is to look both ways before crossing the street. There are crosswalks surrounding campus where pedestrians have the right of way, so there is often an assumption that cars will stop, but drivers do not always see people walking, especially at night or if there is precipitation. There have been many occasions where a student has gotten hit or almost hit by a car, so it is best to play it safe and wait to make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street.

Too often students walk with their earbuds in, eyes glued to their phones, completely oblivious of the world around them. Eastern may be a safe campus, but a crime can happen to anyone at any time, and people who are not paying attention make the most likely targets. So, please be safe when walking on campus.

And most people in the Eastern community have probably never been on fire, but if it ever happens, don’t forget to stop, drop and roll.

Whatever our parents told us as children (with a few exceptions), there was probably a good reason for it.

Don’t forget common sense just because nothing bad has happened yet. Respect others, and stay safe out there.

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Remember what our parents taught us