City council to vote on ambulance billing in Taylorville

Corryn Brock, Associate News Editor

The Charleston City Council will vote on amending the agreement that provides ambulance billing services to the City of Taylorville as well as three other resolutions and an ordinance.

The agreement amendment will increase the current fee of $25 to $30 per claim.

Currently, the City of Charleston provides billing for ambulance services in Taylorville.

The council will also vote on approving the annual tax levy ordinance. The ordinance will cover the Fiscal Year May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020.

The proposed tax levy would be a 3.68 percent increase.

Implementing the provisions of the Illinois Pension Code Act, which requires the pension board to report annually to the city council “on the condition of the pension fund at the end of its most recently completed fiscal year. The report shall be made prior to the council or board meeting held for the levying of taxes for the year for which the report is made,” according to the act.

The council will also vote on authorizing a contract with Variety Attractions for the Red, White and Blue Days entertainment.

The council will also vote on changing the council meeting scheduled for Jan. 1, 2019 to January 2, 2019.

Following the action items, time is reserved for members of the public to address the City Council. No action will be taken on matters not listed on the agenda, and the Council is not required to take any further action or to discuss the matter further. 

The City Council asks that those who choose to address the Council speak into the microphone, limit the presentation to three minutes and avoid repetitive comments.

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