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EDITORIAL: Keep those affected by weekend tornadoes in your mind

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On Saturday the towns of Litchfield, Taylorville and Butler, to name a few, experienced damage to their houses and fear that some of us have not and may not ever experience.

A member on our edit board recalled several memories of running down to their basement a couple times because of the warning from the tornado sirens in their small, southern Illinois town, and they were lucky enough to always avoid any damage or serious negative side effects.

That member recalled the fear, which really is a different type of fear that encompasses you when you have a tornado coming your way and going right above or past your house.

There is nothing you can do, and that is the least of it.

The sirens give you chills because you know something is coming.

Then, the buzzing starts and you hear the whipping winds going over you and hope and pray nothing gets destroyed or damaged.

Then, you and your family and pets, if you have any, gather together downstairs with flashlights, candles and matches and watch television to see the latest developments.

If you are lucky, damage is minimal or not there.

But some of those in the towns affected were not so lucky.

Remember to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Even for those of us who live in tornado alley, preparing for and coming upstairs from a tornado at the beginning of December is shocking in itself.

The Chicago Tribune reported that 12 tornadoes touched down in Central Illinois, and based off some videos posted online, the tornadoes were serious threats and could have done even more damage.

So, even though we sympathize with the damage some have to now live with, we can be grateful that more damage was not done.

Let us also be happy that first responders were so dutiful and got to work right away and helped those in need.

And let us look forward to the future, to the people sending in help from all over the state and from the local, affected areas.

But, and most importantly, keep the affected in your minds. Not only have they experienced a unique and intense fear, they may have to restructure their homes and lives.

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EDITORIAL: Keep those affected by weekend tornadoes in your mind