Your well-being matters

Staff Editorial

We at The Daily Eastern News believe that loving yourself for who you are is important for personal well-being. This self-care attitude can help you with your day-to-day lives tremendously. 

According to Psychotherapist Ken Page, we tend to be more ashamed of our unique, passionate and iconoclastic parts of ourselves. However, he explains that this is a direct path to love and personal greatness. 

Love yourself as an individual and do not let toxic people bring you down. Toxic people will try to bring you down, but just remember that you are a beautiful person. Self care techniques can vary between people, so do what you find is best to help yourself. Take a walk, meditate, relax, watch TV and so on, do whatever relaxes you. 

In addition to self-care, The Huffington Post describes the seven steps to achieve self-love: 

1. Making contact with your inner self

2. Honestly facing your inner obstacles and resistance

3. Dealing with old wounds

4. Forgiving your past

5. Accepting who you are right now

6. Forming relationships where you feel loved and appreciated

7. Practicing the kind of love you aspire to achieve

This can be hard at first, but if you try to achieve these steps toward self-love, your life will certainly be better on an emotional level. One must deal with who they are as a person, so that means you have to address the skeletons in your closet that you might be ashamed of. Just remember that is the past and you are a different and better person now.

We at The Daily Eastern News believe these steps toward self love will help you as a person, so give it a try ­— you might feel better as a person in the end. S