Fashion Friday: Fall clothing tips for surviving the cold

Analicia Haynes, Editor-in-Chief

The best things about fall are all the beautiful, warm shades of reds, oranges and browns.

Fall colors match with anything and with anyone and that’s why fall fashion trends are so easy to mimic.

But after the leaves fall and wither away the only thing left to stay is the bitter cold, and trendy, “cute” dresses with tights and your Dr. Martens might not be the best defense against colder temps.

When it comes down to it, you are an independent and unique person and therefore you can wear whatever you want, but when it comes to fall fashion there are several tips to keep in mind that won’t clash with the latest fall trends.

Luckily, for 2018 the “latest trends” might actually work in everyone’s favor.

Layers and keeping it cozy

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, although people tend to veer away from trends, they still exist and this year the number one trend is keeping it cozy.

The Pinterest days of tight trench coats with tights, boots and a latte are long gone and in their place are oversized sweaters and cardigans.

Now, the Tribune reports that you have to keep your clothing loose and flowing in order to fit the trend, but if you want to adopt the trend and really make it your own, then think layers.

Not only will you look great in an oversized sweater with a vintage 90s coat your grandfather probably wore, you’ll also be warm.

That’s what’s so amazing about this year’s trend because you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for beauty.

You could also layer up with a flannel and a sweater over (you know, your best “Hey Arnold!” look) and top it off with a knit beanie you found in the dollar bin.

Return of the 80s (and plaid)

Plus, according to the Tribune article, plaid is back in fashion (though I doubt it ever left in the first place).

If you’re feeling really cold but bold, then get yourself a long, red or brown knit scarf to wrap around. Not only will it keep you warm but it will also work as an accent.

The 80s are also back in fashion, so instead of going toward the typical fall colors you could try a pop of bright color somewhere on your person like with a scarf or even a bag.

Personally, I dig the fall colors, but if you want to follow the trend, then check out my Pinterest page (@analiciahaynes) to see how you can adopt 80s attire to your wardrobe. Believe it or not, it’s a very thin line to cross before you look like a Halloween costume from Party City, but with some research you could pull off the trend.

Fall wardrobe shopping

You do not have to spend a fortune to look great and follow the trends. I can’t stress this enough.

First of all, these “trends” have been recycled and reused for years, which means that if you go to any thrift store you will find clothes that fit these trends.

That’s a good thing and there is nothing wrong with going to thrift stores, so break the stigma already. I know as well as you do that you are rubbing two pennies together to make a dime so don’t tell me that this kind of shopping is beneath you.

The best place to find oversized sweaters and plaid flannels is definitely at the thrift store. There are also all kinds of oversized coats, jackets, cardigans and blazers.

If you honestly want something new, then check out the clearance racks in the men’s section for your oversized sweater pleasure or go to stores that you know offer cheap prices or plenty of coupons.

Research is your best friend here, so look up what you want, find ideas that work and create your own style.

Analicia Haynes can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].