Costumed orchestra performs Fright Night at Dounda


Mercury Bowen

Sadie Armstrong plays the violin in her handmade Swan Lake costume. “I was like ‘What am I going to be?’” Armstrong said. “Then we were playing (Swan Lake) so I was like ‘Oh I’ll just do that.”

Mercury Bowen, Entertainment Reporter

The colorful costumes of the Eastern Symphony Orchestra matched their dynamic performance at the Dvorak Concert Hall at the Doudna Fine Arts Center Sunday evening.

Some of the pieces performed included “Hobgoblin” by George Chadwick, “Swan Lake Suite by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Batman Suite by Danny Elfman.

Director David Commanday conducted many of the pieces with Professor Cameron Craig, Keegan Tucker, and John Wengerski stepping in for some.

Fog and colored lights filled the darkened stage for the performance of the Batman Suite when the conductor took the stage dressed as Batman.

A number of attendees said they were impressed with the performance, including Emily Placido, a junior marketing major.

“I loved (the performance),” Placido said. “I wish I could’ve cried, but I didn’t.”

Jason Tabit, a freshman business major, said he too enjoyed the concert.

“Normally orchestra concerts aren’t necessarily my favorite,” Tabit said. “This one was definitely really well done. (The performance had) really good repertoire and a really good group.”

Tabit said he would recommend the next concert to others.

“I’ll definitely be at this concert again next year,” Tabit said.

Mike Mayer, a junior music education major, praised the performance.

“This is like the highlight of the semester,” Mayer said. “My favorite had to be Batman, because one he’s like my favorite character in all of fiction, and two I just love Danny Elfman’s work.”

Nicholas Tkachuk, a french horn player in the concert, said he thought the performance went well.

“It was a lot of fun,” Tkachuk said. “You kind of need that for a Halloween concert. It’s got to be enjoyable for everybody.”

Tkachuk said his favorite piece to perform was the Swan Lake Suite.

“Swan Lake was a lot of fun,” Tkachuk said. “I really enjoyed playing it. I thought that was a blast.”

Sadie Armstrong, a violin player in the concert, said the turnout for the concert was less than she had hoped, but that the performance was good.

“It’s our first time having Dr. Commanday,” Armstrong said. “He did great, so I thought it was really fun.”

Professor Cameron Craig said the performance was a fun one for the performers and the audience.

“Hobgoblin is fun because it reminds me of my nephew,” Craig said. “He’s a Hobgoblin, always causing trouble. But Swan (Lake) is the ultimate favorite of mine, and conducting the second movement was so much fun.”

Craig said it takes the performers a lot of study hours to prepare for a performance like this one.

“All of those hours of studying the score come down to one moment,” Craig said.

Jessica Mertz, another audience member, said she thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

“I thought the music was powerful and stirring,” Mertz said. “It was very well presented.”

Mertz also said it was important for people to come out and support the performers.

“We’ve got these amazing facilities, these wonderful musicians,” Mertz said. “It’s opportunities like this that help bring the community together around the arts, which I think is a really valuable aspect of building a thriving community of people who really care.”

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