EIU FEM on hiatus, future is unclear

Hannah Shillo, Staff Reporter

EIU FEM is on hiatus this semester, and so far, there are no concrete plans for the group’s future.

Alana Reinhardt, junior public relations major, was the president of FEM last year, and she said the group was put on hiatus because there are not enough people willing to put in the effort it takes to run a student organization.

“It was an unfortunate thing that I think is happening with a lot of RSOs on campus, which is just a lack of participation,” she said. “There are not enough people willing to put in the action.”

Jeannie Ludlow, FEM’s advisor, said it is not unusual for a student organization to be put on an indefinite hiatus.

“I’ve seen it happen with a lot of student organizations over the years,” she said. “People who really care get in there and they get involved and do a lot of work, then the year is over, and everybody’s been depending on them to do everything all year, and nobody is poised to move forward.”

Reinhardt said there are many students who will show up to an event and have the drive to want to be a part of the organization, but she said actually running the organization and being at weekly meetings is a regular commitment that a lot of students do not have time for.

“As we gain more RSOs and people’s schedules get busier, I think people just had less time to commit,” she said. “Because of that, when the end of last spring came, there was no one to elect for an executive board.”

Ludlow said one of the hardest tasks of running a student organization is planning ahead, rather than thinking only in the moment.

 “Having commitment is great,” Ludlow said. “Being willing to mentor the next leader is the important thing, and if you don’t do that then the organization won’t continue.”

Reinhardt said the group meant a lot to herself and everyone else involved.

“It was a passion project for everyone,” she said. “We truly were dedicated and wanted to build a space for people to voice their opinions. It was a really special place for me.”

Reinhardt said there are no plans as of right now for FEM to start up again, but she would love for the organization to continue before she graduates because she said she misses that part of her life.

Ludlow said there are no plans to start the club again this year, but she has hope.

 “I would love for it to start up again, but that would be up to the students,” Ludlow said.

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