Eastern swim team finds positives from Lewis meet

Eric Hendrix, Swim Reporter

Eastern’s swim teams traveled to Romeoville, Ill. this past Saturday afternoon to compete against the Lewis University Flyers. The women’s team fell short 168-90 to Lewis, and the men fell 174-84. Although the team lost the meet, there were some very positive takeaways. 

“It was a good meet. We had good energy. We might not have ended with the best times, but it’s the first cold meet of the season, and with a young team we kind of expected not to over perform everywhere, but at least the energy was good,” sophomore Scott House.

House competed in the 100m-backstroke and 100m-freestyle on Saturday. He spoke about growing as team from this meet and some of what he would like to see going forward into the season.

“I say keep the same level of energy that we started the meet with at Lewis,” he said. 

House spoke about how the energy drowned out a little during the course of meet, but mentioned that the team showed great energy on the way to meet and the for the first half of it. House also mentioned that some of the team times had improved and the relay showed improvement as well. 

“We just got to close,” House said. “I thought we got up and raced with everything we had, even though we’re hurting from the weight room you could see that everybody gave their all in each race, even if they didn’t have too much to give.”

Sarah Lohman, a sophomore swimmer, shared the same upbeat attitude about the meet.

“Saturday was a good meet. I mean, we didn’t come out on top, but I think that everybody worked really hard and gave what they had in the pool,” she said. 

Lohman competes in the 50m-freestyle and 100m-butterfly. Lohman also spoke about the team energy being instrumental in the team’s future success. 

 “At this meet this weekend, I think if we start it out right with the same energy on the pool deck, get super excited and make sure we cheer everyone on at all the swims, that it can go a lot better than last meet,” Lohman said. 

Lohman also shared her thoughts on the team moving forward. 

“I think it’s going to turn out to be a good season; we might not have the best couple of dual meets coming in just because we are working so hard, but I think in the end we’re going to come out on top and do a lot better,” Lohman said. 

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