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Student senate speaker sets goals; RSO proposal tabled

Analicia Haynes, Editor-in-Chief

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The acting speaker of the senate identified goals and recognized the Senate’s growth as an organization this semester during a meeting Wednesday night.

Zac Cohen, the acting speaker, said when only three senators returned at the start of the semester, they were certain that this would be a rebuilding semester for the senate.

He called it an opportunity to start new and steer the ship in the correct direction, and he said now the senate has 21 members and has finished appointing student senators for the semester.

Cohen said that direction he wants the senate to move toward is improving retention rates on senate and building stronger bonds among senators.

Cohen said with “so many new faces” it is important for the senate to retain as many of them as possible.

“So that we can stop playing catch up every semester and finally keep going,” Cohen said, referring to retaining senators.

He said the only way to accomplish this is by building stronger relationships among senators and executives.

Senators also tabled a bill proposal for a new Sustainability Club on campus.

Josh Harden, a graduate student and the future president of the club if it is approved by the Senate, said the purpose of the club is to raise awareness on what students can do to be sustainable on campus like using paper cups instead of plastic.

Harden said he is hopeful that the Senate will approve the bill but said even if it does not, he and the people who are slated to join the club will start something regardless.

The Senate will vote on the bill at its Oct. 17 meeting.

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Student senate speaker sets goals; RSO proposal tabled