Audience spends ‘An Evening With Pavlo’ at Doudna

Pavlo performs in the Dvorak Concert Hall at the Doudna Fine Arts Center Wednesday evening.

Mercury Bowen, Entertainment Reporter

Gino Mirizio plays the cajón at the performance Wednesday evening.
Mercury Bowen
Gino Mirizio plays the cajón at the performance Wednesday evening.

Music reverberated through the Dvorak Concert Hall as world-renowned guitarist Pavlo performed at the Doudna Fine Arts Center Wednesday evening.

The performance was a lively one, with Pavlo tossing guitar picks into the crowd and dancing with audience members.

At the end of the performance, as per a tradition he began seven years ago, Pavlo gave away the guitar he performed with to an audience member.

Bonnie Buckley, the guitar recipient, said she was shocked when her name was called.

“I was just stunned, absolutely stunned,” Buckley said. “I’ve never won anything in my life.”

Buckley said she loved the show.

“I loved the music,” Buckley said. “I’m going to go back and watch the TV special. I wish more people would come, because they missed a great performance.”

Pavlo said it had been his dream for many years to give what he called “The Gift of Music,” at his concerts.

“I just think the world needs more guitars,” Pavlo said. “I think if there’s more guitars in the world, I think that it would be a better world.”

Pavlo said he loved playing in a place that has never heard him before.

“I’ve been traveling around doing what I’ve been doing for so many years,” Pavlo said.

“When I play a city for the first time it really excites me.”

Pavlo has written all of his own music, however he said he is not a traditional songwriter.

“Generally my music can be considered quite positive and happy, but I’m not a cookie cutter type of writer,” Pavlo said. “I can’t sit in a room and write five songs a day.”

Life and emotions are two things Pavlo said inspire his songs.

“It’s instrumental,” Pavlo said. “That’s what makes it even more interesting because people’s interpretation could be different every night.”

Pavlo said family is another big part of his inspiration.

“A lot of my music was inspired by my girls, my daughters,” Pavlo said. “I just think family plays such a huge role in one’s life and I would hate for that to be lost.”

Pavlo also cites this as a reason for doing the guitar giveaway.

“If my guitar brings a family together around the kitchen table or a song around the campfire that would be the biggest compliment to me,” Pavlo said. “That’s kind of been my driving force behind all of that, and really my journey in life.”

Pavlo said his favorite thing about performing is the ability to bring joy to people.

“When people leave the concert sometimes they’ll say ‘I feel happy,’ ‘I feel positive,’ ‘I’m uplifted,’ or ‘Your music reminded me of my trip to Greece,’ or ‘Your music makes me want to go to Greece,” Pavlo said. “When I hear those kinds of things, it makes me feel like I’ve done something good in life. I feel so blessed for that.”

As for what the audience members should take away from the concert, Pavlo said he just wants them to be happy.

“I think music should give people a little bit of an escape from their everyday grind,” Pavlo said. “That’s what I’m here for, to give everyone a little Mediterranean escape.”

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