Advice for a productive Fall Break

Staff Editorial

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Fall Break is upon us, so you know what that means: clean laundry and home cooked meals.

That’s right, whenever there is a break we all know that along with a bag of books that we lug home with us, we bring a an equally large bag of clothes that started just kind of piled up in a corner of our rooms since the start of the semester.

We also stuff our car with as much unnecessary crap that we collected over the semester up until now with the hopes of dumping it in our deserted rooms back home.

Then on the actual drive home (for those of us who do drive) we pray to every God we can name that mom, dad, grandma, grandpa whoever does our laundry, feeds us, cares for us, makes us feel like kids again and takes care of the crap we leave behind.

The best part: they will.

Yeah, some of us here at The Daily Eastern News know how it goes.

Of course, this isn’t the case for every student on campus, this is a very stereotypical portrayal of a college student going home during a break but there is some validity in it and there is something all students might have in common.

At long last, we finally have a chance to forget the daily grind that is our classes and rest our brains.

It’s a great time to unwind after midterms or prep for more exams next week, focus on your other jobs that you do and make that money or even catch up on homework and sleep.

Regardless of what you do, some of the junior and senior staff members decided to offer nothing but the best advice that will help ensure a positive and fulfilled Fall Break so pay attention. 

For starters, as soon as you get home, leave the bag of books and homework and clothing in the car, go to your room or your parents room, because odds are their bed feels great, or even the sofa in the middle of the living room and fall face first on a pillow.

After that, get your happy butt up, stumble into the kitchen and tell your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa whoever raised you and is constantly rooting for you that you love them and top it off with a hug, maybe a kiss on the cheek.

Then watch as they insist on feeding you dinner and ask you a million questions about school, life, your friends, your partners, your thoughts and dreams and enjoy every minute of it.

Hang out or argue with your siblings if you have them and enjoy it, bond with the family pet and enjoy it better yet stay up all night with your best friend from high school and talk about everything and anything and enjoy it.

Then on Saturday night and most likely all of Sunday do some homework because it is likely that there are some projects, assignments or general bits of work that everyone needs to do.

But before you start that semester-long project that you have been putting off since you got your syllabus in August, and before you start loathing the fact that you have homework to begin with, take that Friday off and just enjoy it because even doing that is productive.

Whatever you do Friday, make it a productive day in the way it would mean for you to, and if you do have a lot of work to do Friday, make sure to still take some time to enjoy your time off.

Please, be safe this weekend and if you are driving please, pay attention to the road and be cautious.

By the way, don’t forget to bring back some winter gear because it looks like we’ll be missing fall all together and going straight into winter.

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