Selfie safety: Risks are not worth danger

We at The Daily Eastern News know all too well about the desire to get the perfect photo.

Whether it be for the newspaper or for social media, it feels good seeing an amazing photo you’ve either taken or are pictured in.

However, people’s selfie games have gotten so strong in this social media age that there is some pressure to get that perfect Instagram photo.

In fact, many people are going to great lengths, even putting themselves in danger, to get it.

Take an incident that happened Sunday when a man tried to snap a selfie next to the Potomac River.

According to Fox News, the man was hanging on to obstacles above raging waters by the Maryland side of the river when he fell into the water. Some passersby spotted him and dragged him out of the water.

Fortunately, there were people around to help this situation, but what if there hadn’t been?

Well, consider another incident that happened on Sept. 22, when a California woman hiking alone was not so lucky. According to Fox News, the woman stopped to take a selfie on a cliff at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan and ended up falling 200 feet into Lake Superior.

Over the summer, a man was mauled to death by a bear in India while attempting to get a selfie with it.

These unfortunate deaths are a few of many that have occurred when a person took a selfie too far.

With this information in mind, we at The Daily Eastern News would like to let everyone know: It’s not worth it.

An Insta-worthy photo of your legs dangling off a skyscraper or hanging over the side of a river might look cool, but there is always a risk of the situation going wrong.

And if there is a risk, it could very well become a tragedy.

There are plenty of cool photo opportunities that don’t require you to put your life on the line. We at The Daily Eastern News encourage selfie-takers to take advantage of those alternative opportunities instead.

There is nothing wrong with using PhotoShop to make a photo look cooler than it is—as long as you are not lying about the situation. What is wrong is putting your life on the line for something as superficial as an Instagram post.

And if you are going anywhere where there is a risk of injury or death, such as a hiking trail or a river, take someone else with you so that if one of you gets hurt, the other one can get help.

We at The Daily Eastern News want everyone stay out of harm’s way, and that is why we advocate selfie safety.