What students have to say about the weather

Corryn Brock, Staff Reporter

Early Tuesday morning it began raining in Charleston, leaving Eastern’s campus with standing water and several students wet from the downpour for a part of the day.

This is not the first time students at Eastern have dealt with the effects of heavy rainfall, leading several of them to have their own tips and “hacks” to stay dry and avoid the bad weather.

One important thing students can do is prepare themselves before the rain or any severe weather is check reliable sources for weather forecasts, according to WEIU Newswatch’s Sky Watch Local Forecaster, Everett Lau.

“Keep an eye on trusted apps … the National Weather Service, local media outlets have reliable weather apps, also EIU Weather Centers, and WEIU has website and is on social media. (They are) better than cellphones because they just take model data and don’t really put the science behind it so those aren’t really the most accurate.” said Lau. “Be aware of what’s going on in your surroundings. A lot of apps will send notifications for watches and warnings. If it’s really big and severe, cellphones will automatically send out government alerts, and Eastern will have sirens and voice with instructions of what to do on campus.”

Lau said he personally prepares by dressing for the weather. “I just bundle up, have my raincoat, carry my umbrella and try to stay dry as best as I can … which isn’t always the best since the waterway seems to go right down the sidewalk.”

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