Art Association holds first pop-up print sale

Hannah Shillo

The first pop-up print sale for the Art Association was held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday in the Library Quad.

Vanessa Lopez, president of Art Association and senior graphic design major, said the club hosts a bigger sale each semester, but they wanted to try a few pop-up sales this year.

Lopez said the club hoped to make at least 500 dollars in sales.

“(The sale) was lightly advertised,” she said, “so, this is like a test to see if (pop-up sales) work.”

Lopez said print sales are great for Eastern’s art students because they help the students showcase their work and develop skills to work with others in the community.

“I just became president this year,” she said. “It’s actually helping me a lot with communication skills, getting used to the whole artwork flow, how to sell my stuff and how to get out there in the community.”

Lopez said the print sale is also great for students because buyers will come back asking for a particular person’s work.

“We usually host a smaller sale in October,” she said. “Usually by the time the spring sale comes up, there are people asking for a certain person’s work, so it’s a good feeling.”

Liz Wilson, a junior studio art major, said this was her first time being a part of the print sale.

“I’m hoping to sell some stuff and get people supporting the art students here,” she said. “Do you know how expensive art supplies are?”

Lopez said screen prints can take anywhere from minutes to hours to complete, depending on the level of detail going into the piece.

Wilson said the prints were being sold for a fairly cheap price, considering the amount of time spent creating the prints and the supplies used.

She said the sale provides a good experience for students to see what is marketable to people.

Wilson said when making a print, she creates what she would want to buy herself, but keeps in mind what others would find appealing as well.

Wilson designed an Eastern logo onto cards and envelopes, which were available for sale on Friday.

“I would like those, too,” she said, “but I know a lot of people would want Eastern stuff because they go to Eastern.”

Lopez said all of the prints were created by students, and each piece sold goes directly back to the artist.

She said most graduated students from previous years will donate their work for the print sales, and the proceeds from those works go back to the club.

“It depends on what events we are doing throughout the year,” she said, adding that the club has to rent supplies for different events. “We can use that money to fund those events.”

Lopez said she has to control her spending during the print sales.

“I buy every time,” she said. “I’m trying to keep myself from spending all of my money on everybody else’s prints because I would love to buy every single one of them.”

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