Observe part of our American heritage with Latino Heritage Month

With September being Latino Heritage Month, we at The Daily Eastern News feel that it is best for everyone to look past the issues regarding immigration and the stigma that people place upon Latino immigrants.

This month is for meant for celebration of the culture and heritage of Latinos.

We understand that everyone is entitled to an opinion, and they are more than welcome to share their opinion with others.

Immigration is a topic that people perceive from a variety of different viewpoints, and we are always open to and will continue to be open to the idea of hearing these opinions.

We notice that some people in the world get the idea that all immigrants are bad people because a single person who commits a crime happens to be an immigrant.

We at The Daily Eastern News do not think that is the case.

Because immigration is a topic that the Latino community is considered a part of, and immigration is something that can negative opinions can arise from, it is best—for the remainder of the month, at least—for everyone to set aside these opinions and respect the lives of the Latino community as they spend this month celebrating their culture, their family history and their countries.

We believe that we all should put aside our differences and opinions on immigration in order to let members of the Latino community observe and celebrate this month in a peaceful manner.

Latino Heritage Month is important to members of the culture because it is the celebration of the independence of multiple Latino countries, and it is also a way for people to celebrate well-known Latinos and Hispanics who have made a difference in the world.

Members of the Latino community have celebrated Latino Heritage Month with their children for years, because they want their children to know the importance of the culture and of their Latino ancestors.

It is never a bad thing for different opinions to be present in an issue, but for the sake of this community and this month, just be respectful to the people who they may involve.