Take care of yourself

Staff Editoral

Although it’s only the middle of September, it already feels like December. Many of us, especially those of us on the News staff, are fatigued and physically and mentally drained.  

We acknowledge that we are not the only ones who feel like throwing in the towel.  

In fact, knowing that makes us somewhat happy, not because we enjoy seeing others in pain, but because we at least know that we’re not alone.  

But, what can we do to combat this fatigue that threatens our work ethic and quite frankly our social life?  

Just breathe.  

As silly as it sounds, everyone just needs to take a deep breath and tell themselves, “I can do this.”  

One of the most important things we can do in our lives is take care of ourselves, and not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. We need to pace ourselves and enjoy being young and in college, not loathe it.

Of course, for those of us that have to work multiple jobs just to pay for tuition, rent, bills or other monthly expenses, pacing ourselves isn’t exactly an attractive option, but it can be done.  

It’s difficult to try to make life as a “broke college student” less burdensome, and it’s even more difficult to hear someone tell you to take it easy and slow down especially when they don’t understand your situation.  

But, working nonstop without sleep or staying up all night to finish that one assignment isn’t worth sacrificing your mental health.  

Regardless of whether or not you are the student who doesn’t have the much to pay for but is still stressed out from school work or the one who works nonstop on top of classes, the same advice applies: Take small steps to change bad habits.  

Whether that’s planning ahead and not waiting until the last minute to finish assignments, taking on a lighter workload, easing up on the micromanaging bit or even the smaller things like going for a walk, taking a 15-minute bath to just relax or even screaming in your pillow for five minutes, all these things will help you unwind and feel less tired.  

Yes, it’s a bummer that college can sometimes kick us in the ass and beat us senseless, but we need to be stronger than that and rise above the stress.  

It’s possible, just ask our staff.