Future Panthers experience student life at tailgate

Corryn Brock, Staff Reporter

The Future Panther Tailgate gave prospective students a firsthand perspective of student life at Eastern.

Molly Button, admissions events coordinator and admissions counselor, said the tailgate is early in the college recruitment season.

“In September students are starting to think about college and where they might go, so this is a light-hearted event for them to come and visit campus,” Button said.

Button said by attending the event, students were able to get a more personal look at Eastern.

“Part of Eastern is student life, part of it is community, so they really get a good sense of what that is all about,” she said.

Jasmyn Sorrell, a prospective student and senior in high school from Chicago, said she enjoyed learning more about Eastern from the event. 

“This was my first time (being at Eastern), and I really enjoyed myself,” Sorrell said.

Sorrell said she was interested in learning more about Eastern’s social life through the event.

“My favorite part of the day was understanding the campus life since (Eastern has) a whole bunch of clubs,” she said.

Sorrell said one thing that stood out to her about Eastern was the overall cost.

“It’s affordable, (and that stuck out to me) since a lot of colleges aren’t affordable,” She said.

Brady Webb, a high school senior from Polo, Illinois, is not a new face on the campus after attending previous Illinois High School Association state track meets.

“Since I’ve been here (for the state track meet) for three years it’s kind of a second home,” he said. “I really like it, and I’ve met with the coaches, and it’s a nice environment.”

His mother, Stephanie Webb, said she enjoyed seeing more of the campus with her son.

“We’ve been here for the state track meet a couple of times, but it was nice to see more of the campus than what we’ve seen before,” She said.

Brady Webb said seeing more of Eastern’s campus was beneficial to helping him decide on a university.

“It’s a good atmosphere. Being around the football game is a cool experience to get involved with and interact with everyone,” he said. “Usually when I come here (for track meets) in May I don’t get to meet with actual students who go here, so hearing their own personal experiences and perspectives of (Eastern) is really cool.”

Brady Webb’s father also attended the event and said he saw benefits to his son attending the tailgate and other events like it.

“I think it’s good for him to see the atmosphere of what it’s like,” he said. “We’ve been to Family Weekend at (Illinois State University) so he’s kind of seen it, but now knowing next year he has a choice of where he’s going, it’s a big decision for him.”

Brady Webb said he felt the event helped him with his college decision process. “It gives you a good sense of what your college life will be, and that’s good to know when you go to choose a school.”

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