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It’s OK to end toxic relationships

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We’ve all been in bad relationships before, but there’s a difference between bad and harmful. 

A bad relationship could be one where you just have different goals in life, while a toxic relationship is one that causes you mental and/or physical harm. 

Sometimes the only way to fix a toxic relationship is to leave, and that is not your fault. Your mental and physical health should always, always, come above anything else. 

If you feel unstable, unsafe or taken advantage of it might be time to leave. 

Anyone who blames you for leaving is wrong or uneducated. Look at Ariana Grande and Mac Miller. 

For those that don’t know, Mac Miller committed suicide this past weekend. 

Tragic? Yes. 

Anyone’s fault? Absolutely not. 

Grande and Miller dated for two years before Grande left earlier this year for, according to sources, her mental health and well-being. 

After the news of Miller’s suicide broke, people blamed Grande for Miller’s death; they blamed her for leaving. 

It is never your job to keep someone alive, especially if that means sacrificing everything about yourself. 

Grande did what she had to, and anyone who thinks elsewise needs to try and put themselves in the shoes of someone going through an unhealthy relationship. 

Anyone who actually cares about you will support your decision to get out and find someone that truly makes you happy. 

Everyone deserves to have people around them who love them unconditionally and fully support them, who listens to them and who generally cares. 

Never feel ashamed to leave a relationship, specifically if you don’t recognize who you are anymore. 

Grande was perfectly valid in her decision, and anyone who thinks she is in anyway to blame for Miller’s death needs to check themselves. 

Stay safe, stay happy and know what you deserve. 

There is someone out there who will treat you with love and respect, don’t settle for harmful relationships. 

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It’s OK to end toxic relationships