Poster sale going on until Friday


Jordan Boyer

Students look through posters at the annual poster sale Tuesday afternoon in the Library Quad. The Department of Art and Design sponsored the event, and the sale is going on until Friday.

Corryn Brock, Staff Reporter

Eastern’s Department of Art and Design is sponsoring a poster sale through Friday in the Library Quad from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Students have the opportunity to work at the event for free posters. Those interested can find Christie Castle, the director of the sale, and ask to work during the event.

Job options for students include damage control, loading the truck and passing out fliers/postcards. Shifts are an hour long.

Students who work during the day can pick out a poster after their shift, and those who choose to load the truck will pick out a poster before their shift and receive it afterwards.

Veronica Palacios, a freshman music major, worked for the first day of the event. She worked both damage control and passed out postcards. Palacios said she liked the variety of posters offered. “The posters are really cool,” said Palacios. “They have a little bit of everything, so there’s something that everybody would like.”

Castle believes working for the event is beneficial to students and that those interested in working for the event should sign up. “The benefit of working is getting a free poster (worth more than minimum wage) for a fun job,” said Castle. “I think there’s a certain value in free things. You look at the poster and remember the experience.”

Castle said she has given job references to students who have worked her events in the past.

This is not Castle’s first time directing a tour at Eastern; she also came the first year she directed the poster sale events.

Davalyn York, a sophomore psychology major, said she enjoyed looking at posters with her friends.

This was her second year attending the poster sale, and she said this year she was looking for posters with musical artists and from T.V. shows.

“There’s a wide variety. I think no matter what you’re interested in you can find something for you,” said York. “I hope that it keeps coming back every year so I have more posters to get.”

Senior psychology major Kadarrious Hooks said he has not attended the past poster sales but it is nice opportunity to have for students.

“I think it’s a opportunity for students to get a piece of art,” said Hooks. “What’s to say that years from now that it may not be worth a lot of money, or maybe you may want to pass something down of your college experience to your children.”

This year he said he liked looking through the posters, especially the posters featuring abstract art and historical photos that would be considered iconic.

Hooks said one poster in particular called his name. The poster featured an abstract depiction of a woman’s portrait.

“It’s busy and chaotic,” said Hooks. “There’s a beauty to it.”

The sale will continue everyday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. until Friday, Sept. 14, weather permitting. The poster sale will continue being held in the Library Quad, with no rain location.

Those interested in working at the event should contact Castle during the book sale’s operating hours to sign up for a shift, or come whenever they will be available for an hour.

Corryn Brock can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].