Use phones to your advantage

Jordan Boyer, Photo Editor

Often I find myself stressed out from my endeavors in my life, and I need a minute or two to relax and take a breather. Like many other people my age, I scroll through websites like Facebook and look at memes, videos of dogs or cats doing something funny/cute, or a funny video of someone falling while doing something stupid.

Many people always talk down to the type of people that stare at their phones mindlessly all day every day. I somewhat agree to this, but there are some arguments to bring up to support this mindless smart phone generation. 

I will totally admit I am on my phone way too often for stupid reasons, but there is a good portion of my phone usage that is used for work and enjoyment. I believe that it is totally fine to sit on your phone and look at memes and get a good laugh out every once in a while. Obviously, you should not be sitting on your phone in many social situations, but if you are in an environment where it is okay to be on your phone, do it. It is totally fine.

Another aspect of phone usage that people do not bring up often is the access to information. This is a new society that has instant access to viable information on almost everything you can possibly think of. 

I sit on my phone all the time and research random stuff all the time. Now sometimes it is useless nerd facts on stuff such as “Harry Potter” or Marvel Comics, but I am still learning additional information, and there is nothing wrong with that.

One thing that always made me upset about my generation is that some people will believe anything they see online. They have this easy access to viable information, and they do not take advantage of it. The internet is our escape from reality, but unfortunately it is also a hotspot for false information to be shared, there is no end to this issue, but you can help change it by doing your own research on everything.

Our daily lives can suck sometimes, but the little things in life are what keep us going. Now, that does not mean you should become a mindless zombie on your phone 24/7; keep your phone usage at a healthy amount daily. 

Use your phone, do not let people talk down on you for using it, take advantage of the technology we have. People through out history have found their own escapes from reality, whether that be radio, television, or activity outside. It is obviously healthy to have other escapes from our day to day lives, but a quick scroll through Ifunny can help brighten your day a bit.

Now, do not take this article the wrong way. I know there is a significant issue with people and their smartphones/the internet with most age groups. This is a problem that has no end in sight, but using the internet in a healthy way is totally fine. The internet can be wonderful or detrimental; you just have to use it in a healthy way.   

Jordan Boyer is a senior history major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]