Get involved, stay involved in campus activities

Staff Editorial

Being at Eastern is more than just going to class, eating, sleeping and then repeating all of that.

It seems as though some of us are scared to leave our comfort zone or are scared to overcome insecurities and just take the leap into something that would actually benefit us. Naturally, the “something” that we are referring to in this instance is getting involved on campus. 

Getting involved is the best thing you can do for yourself and for your future.

College is not about leaving your dorm room to go to classes and then leaving classes to go to your dorm room where you stay all day; college is about having experiences and meeting like-minded people you can grow with.

The best way to meet those people is through joining organizations that interest you or force you to step a little outside of your comfort zone.

Eastern has so many different clubs on campus that it seems impossible you will not find one that you like. Finding and participating in a club that makes you feel like you belong and are not alone in college can make your entire college experience.

Therefore, for organizations like the Student Government or any other registered student organization or organization that represents your major, to have to struggle to find good students to join is unfortunate, to say the least.

There is no excuse for students to not want to get involved, there is no excuse for this apparent student apathy.

Because whether you want to recognize or not, after your time at Eastern possible employers are going to look just as hard, if not harder, at what you were involved with as opposed to what your grade point average was.

Being involved can help you network for that future career, which is also an important part of life outside of Eastern. Getting involved can help with the bouts of homesickness you are almost guaranteed to endure. It can help you learn your ins and outs of campus, and it can introduce you to faculty that you may have as a professor later in your educational career.

Be proud of what you are interested in and be passionate enough to want to discuss those interests with others as passionate as you are.

So whether you love Harry Potter or intramural athletics or student government, reach out and take that first step to be involved and actually stay involved. We promise you will not regret it.