City Council will discuss amendments to ordinances on right-of-way, general offenses

Staff Report

The Charleston City Council will discuss amendments to existing ordinances on the public right-of-way and general offenses Tuesday at City Hall.

According to the City Council agenda, the proposed amendments to Title 7, Chapter 6:  Construction of Utility Facilities in the Public Rights of Way, will provide regulation and installation of certain small wireless facilities in the right-of-way.

The city uses the public right-of-way to provide public services to its residents and businesses, but there has been a growing demand for personal wireless telecommunications services on city-owned structures in the right-of-way, according to the agenda.

According to the agenda, some of the proposed amendments will pertain to the installation, maintenance, operation, and replacement of existing wireless structures.

The council will discuss amendments to city ordinances on general offenses that they consider obsolete and not currently in practice.

Ordinances on vagrancy and cohabitation are proposed to be deleted. A proposed deletion to an ordinance on indecent exposure would delete a portion pertaining to citizens appearing in public in clothes of the opposite sex.

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