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See the miracles in the world

Jordan Boyer, Editor-in-Chief

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I feel like my generation has developed a nihilistic/cynical view on the world due to the many tragedies that plague our everyday lives.

It is a tragedy that the war on terror, drugs and mass shootings are a part of our daily lives.

Due to what has happened over the past few years, there is a norm among the people, no one is safe anywhere, at anytime.

There is tragedy everywhere. It is on the news, social media and through word of mouth among everyone.

A devastating amount of people die in Chicago everyday. There seems to be a school shooting with a large amount of casualties every few months.  American soldiers and innocent people are killed overseas frequently.

I can understand why people have lost hope in the world, and do not see any positivity in it anymore.

However, a recent event has shed some light onto this dark view of the world, that being the incident in Thailand, where a children’s soccer team and their coach became trapped underwater in a cave.

This event, and the many attempts to help these people, was followed steadily on social media all over the world. There was constant dialogue, not just from the news, but also from the public.

People became unsure if any of them will make it out alive.

In total they were trapped for 18 days, and it became more and more frightening day after day for all of us following the event.

Miraculously, the team and their coach were rescued after being trapped for almost three weeks, but at the cost of a former Thai Navy SEAL losing his life during the rescue.

According to The Guardian, news outlets from all around the world celebrated this miracle, and some have called it “The Great Escape”.

This event helps reassure the hopefulness that is still present in this world. Though a horrid event, it ended up being a miraculous day for the families of the surviving children and coach. This and many other outstanding events help shed light on this dark world.

The nihilistic view of the world from my generation will hopefully disappear over time. Tragic things happen everyday and it is easy to fall back into this cynical outlook on the world, but always remember the amazing things that happen everyday globally.

Jordan Boyer is a senior history major, he can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]



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See the miracles in the world