Fathers definitely deserve their own day of celebration

Jordan Boyer, Editor-in-Chief

This past weekend, I surprised my dad by showing up at my parents house (the home I grew up in) unannounced to celebrate Father’s Day.

I wanted to surprise my dad because he never gets surprised about anything, and the look on his face was filled with absolute joy when I showed up at the house. I have rarely seen my dad this happy, and I was also filled with joy when I saw him.

My mom was in on the surprise, so she had keep quiet and keep up the illusion that I could not come home for Father’s Day because I could not get out of work for the weekend.

It was a great time back home, in the house and town I grew up in, and having an exquisite steak for dinner on Father’s Day. My dad has always been a great cook, and his steak is to die for.

Me and my dad share many interests and hobbies, but one thing we both always enjoyed was the study of history.

I study history here at Eastern, and the reason why I have a passion for this study is because of my dad.

When I was growing up, I would watch many different programs on the History Channel with him. He would also fill in the gaps for me whenever I had questions. The average child does not know the detailed history of significant wars and events in the past, so he helped me exponentially with providing the information for me, and I grew a fascination with the study because of it.

So for this Father’s Day I got him two historical novels as a gift, one was on both of the Russian Revolutions in 1917.

There was two revolutions in Russia, the February and October Revolutions. During the February Revolution, the Russian Empire fell, and the government was replaced with a provisional government. During the October Revolution, the provisional government was overthrown by the Bolsheviks, and soon would become the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

Also, I got him another novel on the overall history of Ireland. Which is a cool novel to find, because Irish historians are not as common as other types of historians.

He liked both of the gifts, but he was particularly excited about the Irish history novel, and I knew he was going to like that one a lot. We both find the study of history fascinating, so I wanted to give him something historical as a gift.

Gifts are just gifts at the end of the day though. The real reason Father’s Day is celebrated, is to give thanks and spend time with your own fathers because of all the great things they do.

Words can not describe all of the things my father did for me growing up, he has always been there to help me through thick and thin, and he is just an amazing man.

If you have a dad or father figure in your life, try to give them more than a phone call on Father’s Day. There are many factors into why you can not see them in person, the world obviously is not perfect, but if you have the opportunity, take it because they certainly deserve it.

Appreciate the time you have with your own fathers and father figures.

Jordan Boyer is a senior history major, he can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]