WLBH-AM, WLBH-FM’s broadcast license revoked by FCC

Jordan Boyer, Editor-in-Chief

WLBH-AM and WLBH-FM, both licensed to Mattoon Broadcasting Company (MBC), has had their broadcast licenses revoked by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) due to several violations made by the stations.

According to the Notice of License Expiration (a letter to the owner of MBC James Livesay) from Albert Schuldiner, the Chief of the Audio Division Media Bureau at the FCC, the multiple violations date all the way back to 2012.

In August 2012, an inspection of the station was made by the FCC and after the inspection MBC was fined, and asked to provide documents to prove they are a operating radio station. Also, since before 2012 there had been no payed employees at the station.

By December 2017 the facilities appeared to be abandoned, with holes in the roof and rusted cars in the parking lot. The facility was inspected on December 4 predating a burglary/vandalism incident on December 14. According to the letter, the FCC does not recognize the incident on December 14 responsible to the condition of the facilities.

The MBC sent the FCC typed financial information from 2016-2017 and photos of the burglary/vandalism incident in 2017. However, MBC did not send any financial information outside the years 2016-2017.

According to the letter, the MBC failed to respond to long standing delinquent debts to the FCC, and the MBC failed to provide the correct amount of documentation to prove that they are still an active radio station such as proof of the stations’ operation starting in August 2012, engineering records, station logs, quarterly issues/programs lists or any financial information for any years other than 2016-2017.

The MBC failed to respond to multiple notices by the FCC, and as of April 2018 WLBH -AM broadcast license has been canceled, and the application for renewal of license is dismissed. WLBH-FM broadcast license has been canceled and the application for renewal of license has been dismissed.

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