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Don’t be sad that people are leaving; spend time with them instead

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As the year comes to a close and we wish our seniors the best of luck, we want to also take the time to look back on all the things that happened during the year.

Yes, it is unbelievably difficult to say goodbye to seniors who have taken us under their wings or friends who are off to bigger and better things.

However, during this time, a week before graduation we can’t be sad. It’s a waste of tears and time.

Instead, what we should do is embrace our friends leaving because we know that they’re destined to be successful, and we should smile because of all the great memories we share.

All the times when that one friend walked us home after a wild night and made sure we got into bed, or the times that other friend held our hair when we were in a state we don’t want to talk about, or the times our friend made us smile when we thought we couldn’t—those are the times that matter.

It’s sentimental, we know, but it’s worth remembering those times rather than the time when we have to say goodbye.

Be proud of your friends, the ones walking the stage, the ones who are definitely helping us open doors so we can someday find a place to work.

Be honored that you had the chance to know an incredible human being who was always there for you even when you thought the world was against you.

But most importantly, be happy that you got to know such a wonderful person.

As for those who are graduating, remember the ones who kept pushing you and motivating you to carry on.

Keep in mind the optimism that you will see everyone again and don’t tell yourself otherwise.

Enjoy your final week of finals and your last Taco Tuesday/Trivia Night out at the bars, but be happy doing it.

Think about the moments that make you who you are and the people who made you who are and be grateful for every minute you have left at this school.

This week shouldn’t be a week of sadness or regret (unless you forgot to study for finals, of course), it should be a week of happiness and enthusiasm.

We are going to remember these moments forever—let’s not remember crying over them.

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Don’t be sad that people are leaving; spend time with them instead