Feeding Fetty: A look into the rapper’s contract and requests

Dillan Schorfheide, Staff Reporter

Rapper Fetty Wap has been guaranteed $75,000 from Eastern to perform at this year’s spring concert, according to the contract between the two parties.

The payment to Fetty Wap includes the artist’s opening act, travel, lodging and the artist’s fee.

Fetty Wap will headline and close the show, with a minimum 70-minute set. Eastern also requested a 30-minute support set and Versatility, which is a group composed of two Eastern students, will be opening for the show. Fetty Wap’s guaranteed pay is lower than that of Kesha, who performed at last year’s spring concert. Kesha was fully guaranteed $80,000.

Kesha’s payment also included the same parts as Fetty Wap’s: The lodging, travel, support act and artist fee.

Though Kesha had more money guaranteed, Eastern only requested a 60-minute set from her.

Jordan McLaren, chair of the University Board, said the funding for the concert comes from student fees and ticket sales.

A specific part of the activity fee at Eastern goes directly toward the concert, according to Eastern’s website.

McLaren said for the most part, the UB decides for itself how much money it will use for the concert and makes the contract with the performer.

She added that the Board will get the deals with performers and things of that nature approved through the business office, and works with the office before the deal is made.

On Fetty Wap’s side of the deal, he requested meals for days of the week for hospitality while he is at Eastern.

Part of the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday menu consists of the following items: Baked salmon (well done), baked or pulled barbecue chicken, collard greens, banana pudding, carrot cake and one six-pack of Red Bull.

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