Sean Says: New dog becomes even closer to family members

Sean Hastings , Sports Editor

A dog is a man’s best friend. I have said it before, and my puppy Kona is making that ring true to the moon and back.

As a dog owner, all you can ask is for the dog to be loyal, and the rest is just added bonus.

And as a man, there are few things better than sitting on the couch with your best bud with a nice cold beer in your hand and watching a baseball game.

Something like that is tough to beat.

A week ago, it was just my dad and Kona holding down the fort at my house. My mom and sisters were off doing their own thing.

And as sports fans, there is nothing like Opening Day/Week for the MLB. It is the start of a long haul to the finish line and you are with your team every step of the way.

So my dad, as a Cubs fan, found himself sitting on the couch watching the Cubs beat up the Brewers 8-0.

And as any best friend would, Kona popped a squat on the couch, away from my dad, in her own square on the couch and proceeded to stare at the TV and watch the game.

She did not even sit like a dog on the couch. She leaned back comfortably on the couch and did not break eye contact with the game to look at my dad sitting 10 feet away from her.

Just the two of them watching baseball.

My dad did not even have to ask Kona to do anything. All she did was come downstairs, sit by herself on the couch and watch TV.

This was not the last time it happened, however. This turned into a family affair just a few days later. This time, it became a teaching moment for Kona.

We did not have to teach her to love baseball; that came naturally, apparently. But it was not hard to realize that she was mesmerized by the ball.

Couple days later, whole family watching the game, Kona, sitting alone watching the game with them.

Like I have said before, Kona does not understand the concept of fetch. At least outside she does not. She will fetch 1,000 balls inside and somewhat bring them back to you. If we go outside, forget about it. She is clueless.

While she is very intently watching the game, my dad jokingly starts talking to her “watch them throw it, then see what they do? They bring it back to the pitcher.”

Literally my whole family is sitting on the couch showing love to Kona, but she is dead-eyeing the TV while watching the baseball game.

Sorry I am not around too much to watch these games and have a beer with you, Dad. But for now, it seems like Kona can take my place. She’ll take a water.

Sean Hastings is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].