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Editorial: ‘Spring Fever’ is no excuse to skip class

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As the weather becomes warmer and more students want to break free from the dungeons they call rooms, it is only natural to enjoy what the campus has to offer.

This may include walking up and down the quads, sitting and doing homework on the Doudna steps, playing with chalk, playing catch in the South Quad or even playing basketball or tennis on the many courts that are scattered across campus.

However, although it’s only right to enjoy the beautiful weather since it’s been a long time coming, that doesn’t mean we should skip class.

Spring fever is not a valid excuse to ditch class and drive around Charleston with the windows rolled down and your arm sticking out.

Yes, it has been an awful “spring” so far because of what seemed like endless amounts of snow, freezing rain and at one point a disgusting mix of both and the warm weather is a refreshing feeling.

Therefore, we get it. No one, including us, wants to be cooped up inside especially when the sunshine and warmth are calling our names and taunting us like fresh baked cookies before dinner.

It feels impossible to sit through class, sweating profusely because of the uncomfortably warm classrooms and actually paying attention to what our professors have to say.

But, we have to push through it and we have to fight spring.

Finals are just three weeks away and we can’t let the arrival of spring sabotage our hard work by distracting us with its warm breeze and sunny skies that make you want to smile all day long.

It seems silly that we would need to fight back the urge to go frolicking in one of the quads, but when reality and “adulthood” set in to remind us that our future careers are at stake then we can’t afford to fool around.

Go to class. Continue to learn something and take as many notes as possible.

We all know that every research paper or major project is due soon so pay attention and get your work done.

Then, once everything is said and done and all your work is taken care of during the week, we can enjoy the warm weather during the weekend.

If only it wasn’t supposed to rain.

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Editorial: ‘Spring Fever’ is no excuse to skip class