Students can volunteer without leaving campus by using Service-to-Go Boxes

Mays Omar, Contributing Writer

For those who cannot go off campus to volunteer, opportunities can come to them with the Service-to-Go Box.

The Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteerism gets at least 35 to 40 requests for these boxes each semester.

By filling out a form online, students can choose which service box they prefer to do. This includes decorating birthday bags or flower pots, making love bugs (pinecone animals), popsicle stick picture frames, beaded key chains, postcards for prospective students or creating a card.

Included in the box are instructions on how to complete the crafts.

Annie Garner from the Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteerism  said it is a service for students in an organization who cannot necessarily do weekly programs that the office offers in a semester, but they still want to get involved on campus.

Crystal Brown, the assistant director for the Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteerism, said the office has been doing Service-to-Go Boxes for a couple of years now.

The idea is for those groups who do not have time together to go out and do direct service in the community, but still want to be able to make a difference and give back, she said.

Along with a newsletter, the volunteer fair and sending emails to the student organizations, the Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteerism visits students at the beginning of the semester in their classes to tell them about the project. The office has had over 260 requests for boxes since the service started.

To guarantee that they get enough supplies, groups are required to sign up a week in advance with the exact number of members they have, as well as how many hours they think it will take to get the box done.  

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