EIU Aesthetics aims to encourage students to live healthier lifestyles

Karlye Fuller, Contributing Writer

One registered student organization is trying to encourage a healthier lifestyle for students, faculty and staff members.

The mission of EIU Aesthetics is to promote “the benefits of living a positive lifestyle through proper exercise and eating habits,” said Juan Sindac, a senior public relations major and the president of the RSO.

Founded in 2017, EIU Aesthetics is open to anyone who wants to join.

The club offers  weekly meetings at the Student Recreation Center. These meetings typically consist of different educational presentations regarding exercise and healthy living. Group members encourage each other to break their personal records and make progress in their fitness.  

“Our overall goal is to make the Student Recreation Center a positive atmosphere for everyone and to encourage more people to work towards a healthier lifestyle,” said Brooke Hudson, a sophomore kinesiology and sports studies major who is EIU Aesthetics’ liaison.   

 During some meetings this year, EIU Aesthetics invited students pursuing a career in exercise science, kinesiology, culinary, physical training and other fitness-related fields and had them present a demonstration on how to work out certain body parts efficiently and correctly. EIU Aesthetics organized and staffed a protein smoothie bar in the SRC earlier this semester. It was held on Jan. 16 through Jan. 18. 

Sindac said it was a huge success. 

“I think the protein smoothie bar was one of the coolest things we’ve done as a club. We were granted the opportunity to offer a uniquely healthy alternative drink to students and staff, which was convenient for them to purchase either before or after their workout. But at the same time, (they were) delicious,” Sindac said.

The club plans on organizing another protein smoothie bar in early April. They would like to continue the protein smoothie bar next semester as well. 

“Next year, we would like to eventually incorporate a permanent protein smoothie bar in the SRC that is convenient for students who don’t have time with their busy schedules to make their own smoothies before going to the gym to work out,” said Hudson.  

The club has many other plans for the future as well. These plans include using  their funds for events they host towards replacing equipment at the Student Recreation Center and toward keeping maintenance for the club to host activities and programs for their members, Sindac said.

There is also a possibility of a meal prep workshop in the future.  

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