Town hall meetings to discuss university reorganization

Two town hall meetings providing a look at the proposed reorganization of existing structures at Eastern will be held Monday and Tuesday.

Materials from the town halls will be posted on the vitalization project website following Monday’s meeting.

Along with the reframing, the “broader implications of vitalization” across Eastern will be talked about, according to an email sent out by Provost Jay Gatrell.

This includes framework extended from the collaborative efforts of the vitalization project, specifically Workgroups No. 8 and 9, the report from the review committee looking at those groups, the Student Success Taskforce and feedback from people such as deans, chairs and representatives of shared governance on campus.

During the vitalization project, Workgroup No. 8 looked at new programs the university could add to increase enrollment, while Workgroup No. 9 looked at reorganizing or consolidating academic departments.

A review committee then looked at Workgroup No. 8 and 9’s suggestions and made recommendations of its own, including reorganizing the university into a five-college structure and a one-stop shop for undergraduate student success programs.

Recommendations from the Student Success Taskforce include the creation of learning communities, a “virtual one-stop” of all of Eastern’s web-based student services and a “physical one-stop” which would include advising, supplemental instruction and tutoring.

The Daily Eastern News will be streaming Monday’s town hall on Facebook and posting updates on Twitter.


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