Take time to stay active

Staff Editorial

Whether it is at the Student Recreation Center or off campus, students are finding ways to keep exercising despite their busy schedules.

A recent article in The Daily Eastern News interviewed students about their preferences on this topic and where they like to go to get their workouts in.

However they do it, though, we like to see that students are staying active. It is an important part of one’s mental and physical health, and should not be overlooked, even during a stressful semester. This does not necessarily mean exercising to lose weight or gain muscle, although some might be looking to do that. It means taking some time to yourself to get up and get your body moving and your mind on something other than schoolwork, your job or personal problems.

According to The Mayo Clinic’s website, exercise combats health conditions and diseases, improves people’s moods and boosts their energy. This is all beneficial in the long run and can only help in all aspects of one’s life. If you haven’t been able to make it to the gym in a while, or at all, take small steps. Stay for a shorter amount of time, or don’t lift as heavy of weights or go on the highest setting of the treadmill. But don’t give up. As you keep going, it will get easier. All it takes is some perseverance and time.

Of course, certain things need to be prioritized over exercising sometimes, which is understandable. If you have a mountain of homework, two papers and a full-time job on top of that, you might not make it to the gym some nights. And in all honesty, sometimes a bowl of ice cream and Netflix binge-watching session seems more appealing than a run on the treadmill. But as long as you make a conscious effort to get out of your room and do something active when you can, you will find yourself a happier, healthier person overall.