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EDITORIAL: Sleep is important, make it a priority

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It is funny to look back on our years as a child, when we would resist bedtime with a ferocious, unwavering intensity. We would beg, cry and plead. We would ask our parents a million questions to combat against the hands of the clock inching us closer and closer to our beds. 

Now, we look back on those days as fantasies rather than the nightmares we once saw them as. 

As a college student, sleep feels more like a luxury. Sure, there are those students who are so well-organized that they can squeeze in at least eight hours of shut eye every night, but we are here to talk about the majority: the night owls, the procrastinators and the self-diagnosed insomniacs.

At least 11 percent of students reported they receive a good amount of sleep, whereas 73 percent of students admitted they have sleeping problems, according to a study conducted by Brown University. 

The recommended seven to nine hours of sleep get put on the back burner for most students while juggling school, work and relationships take the priority. 

We at The Daily Eastern News identify as jugglers rather than snoozers. We understand the struggle that many students face. And on our worse days, we do not even find time to nap in order to attempt to catch up on our missing Z’s.

How much we sleep affects us more than we think. It affects how well we pay attention and perform in class. It leads us to crave high calorie diets, tempting us to go for the grease rather than fresh meals. It even affects our personalities. Crabbiness is one thing, but irregular sleep patterns lead to irregular behaviors, which may pave the way to depression or anxiety. 

With spring break finally upon us, do yourselves a favor: rest. You may not be able to gain the hours of sleep you have lost this semester, but you can take this week as a clean slate and repair your sleeping habits. 

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EDITORIAL: Sleep is important, make it a priority