Spring concert to be announced March 22

Analicia Haynes, Managing Editor

The performers for the Spring Concert will be announced at noon, March 22 in the Food Court of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

The concert reveal date was announced during an informal Student Senate meeting Wednesday night.

University Board chair Jordan McLaren said there will be a banner dropped to show the performer for the concert, and social media “clues” as well as posters advertising the reveal will be posted the Monday after spring break.

Student Senator Kevin Flasch asked if McLaren could reveal any more information about the concert, such as the genre of music, but she said she could not.

The meeting was informal because the Senate did not meet quorum and therefore could not vote on two bills asking for an additional allocation for student government and the UB.

In the first bill, the student government asked for an additional allocation of $8,363 from the Apportionment Board to help pay for the base, pad, brick work, labor and other materials for the recently-approved Panther Statue.

The second was for the University Board and asked for an additional allocation of $13,600 to pay for the PantherStock event that takes place before the spring concert, purchase a new lighting board for the UB productions committee, clean the tents the UB uses and replace the ropes used to hold down those tents.

The additional allocations come from the Apportionment Board’s reserve fund, which is currently sitting at $117,543.19.

The Senate will vote on the bills at the next meeting on March 21.

Student Body President Luke Young said although spring break is a few days away, those who are running in the student elections need to think about their platform and bring ideas to the table when they begin campaigning.

“I think the number one killer of student government is no motivation, no drive, no ideas, no innovation, nothing,” Young said. “So over spring break my encouragement would be to do the very best that they can to make sure they come in with some ideas when they go to the forum and that they present and articulate themselves well.”

As for students who plan to vote, Young said they should look for someone who not only has a good idea on how to improve campus but also a reasonable idea.

“You can come up with a lot of ideas and some of them are just flat out goofy,” he said. “Look for good, solid ideas and of course keep in mind who the person is.”

Students who have finished their election packets, met with Young to announce their bid for election and attended an informational meeting can start campaigning between March 22 and April 3.

Young said students cannot campaign or market themselves whatsoever before March 22.

A mandatory debate between candidates running for executive board will also be on March 22.

Online voting will take place on April 2 and 3, and unofficial election results will be announced on April 4.

“We’re ready to see what’s in store,” Young said. “I’m excited to see who is coming in.”

Young said students should also go out and vote during the primaries, regardless of who they want to vote for.

“We always encourage student voting. We don’t encourage students to vote one way or another, we just encourage students to vote in general and participate in government and know what’s going on,” Young said.

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