Students prep for Unofficial 2018

Analicia Haynes, Managing Editor

After months of planning, an intoxicated weekend is underway as students prep their livers for an “Unofficial” pre-St. Patrick’s Day house crawl.

Ryan Jenkins, one of the organizers of “Unofficial” and a senior marketing major, said this is his second and final year planning the student-made holiday.

He added that he plans to go out with a “bang.”

According to the “Chucktown Unofficial 2018” Facebook page, “Unofficial” is a pre-St. Patrick’s Day house crawl that consists of three separate house parties.

The party kicks off at 10 a.m. and ends at 10 p.m. and includes jugs of “Jungle Juice,” kegs of beer, games and other activities.

Jenkins said once one house either runs out of beer or alcohol, then everyone moves to the next house.

Eastern and the city of Charleston are not affiliated with “Unofficial.”

Calling the house crawl a “Chucktown tradition,” Jenkins said attendees are going to see several changes this year.

He said the group behind “Unofficial,” Chucktown Party, is expecting close to 2,500 attendees made up mostly of students and alumni. That is nearly doubled compared to last year, he said.

As a result of the boost in attendance, instead of participants throwing unused cups and bottles on the ground, Jenkins said he purchased several trash cans for three locations.

There will also be students acting as security at each house, but Jenkins said those individuals will not be “pointed out.”

Security members are looking out for people who are too rowdy, people who cannot stand or are losing control, people who are arguing and people who might start a fight.

Rules attendees need to follow include staying out of the street when moving from house to house, staying off of sidewalks when they are at one of the houses, staying out of neighboring yards and drinking responsibly.

If those rules are violated people will be asked to leave, Jenkins said.

Jenkins said everyone is welcome to participate, however those who do are responsible for themselves and anyone they come with, and are told to drink at their own risk.

“This is a marathon, not a race. If you come with somebody stay with them,” he said.

If people are left alone and need help, Jenkins said some organizers will be sober and able to drive them home. However, he said this should not be expected.

“Our group is a really good group of friends and we’re going to be looking out for those people who are by themselves,” he said. “We’re going to make sure everyone is OK because we want this to be a fun thing and we want everybody to have a good time and enjoy the biggest party weekend of the year.”

He said people who come are not required to drink and there is no need to feel intimidated.

“Everybody shows up, all the frats, sororities, all the independents, all the different groups you see on campus come together for this and it’s just nice to see everybody at once,” he said. “You just see every little clique coming together as one and it’s awesome,”

Jenkins said those who do want to drink must have either an Unofficial T-shirt, wristband or bring their own booze.

Wristbands are still available for $10 and if someone does not have a T-shirt or wristband, Jenkins said they have to purchase a cup at each house for $5 if they want to drink.

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